The ‘Five Principles of a Purpose Driven Business’ is a picture of what a company that is guided and inspired by a purpose that benefits society and respects people might look like.

It is an assertion of where an company seeks to get to rather than where it currently is, and is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

The Principles in a format you can print and download are available here The Blueprint Principles and Framework

Other People Matter (Solidarity)

Operates true to a purpose that serves society, respects the dignity of people, and so generates a fair return for responsible investors

Enables and welcomes public scrutiny of the alignment between its stated purpose and its actions

Honest and Fair with Customers and Suppliers

Seeks to build lasting relationships with customers and suppliers

Deals honestly with customers, providing good and safe products and services

Treats suppliers fairly, pays promptly what it owes and expects its suppliers to do the same

Openly shares its knowledge to enable customers and suppliers to make better informed choices

Building Trust and Trusted Relationships (Reciprocity)

Considers each person affected by its decisions as if he or she were a member of the decision-maker’s own community

Seeks and provides access to opportunities for under-represented groups

Makes a full and fair contribution to society by structuring its businesses and operations to pay promptly all taxes that are properly due

A responsible and responsive employer

Treats everyone with dignity and provides fair pay for all

Enables and welcomes constructive dialogue about its behaviour in keeping true to its purpose

Fosters innovation, leadership and personal accountability

Protects and nurtures all who work for it to ensure people also learn, contribute and thrive

A Guardian for Future Generations

Honours its duty to protect the natural world and conserve finite resources

Contributes knowledge and experience to promote better regulation for the benefit of society as a whole rather than protecting self interest

Invests in developing skills, knowledge and understanding in wider society to encourage informed citizenship