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We believe that business is about far more than simply making money through products and services: it can be a force for good. 

We challenge some of the assumptions and beliefs that are shaping decision making and behaviour in business and believe it is possible for a business to adopt a wider, richer view of what a business exists to do in the world through having:  

  • A reason for being beyond simply making money, where profit is an outcome rather than the core goal
  • A more realistic view of people, recognising that any business is in fact a social organisation and each person is “a someone not a something

Taken together, these alternative ideas orient the business to focus on the impact the business has on people and planet, alongside producing goods that are truly good and services that truly serve. Crucially they change the way the business thinks about people, recognising that the business is first and foremost a network of relationships in which people matter. 

In this section we explore these ideas in more detail, including an exploration of the Blueprint Principles and Framework and the provenance behind our thinking and approach.