The principles

Blueprint’s Five Principles offer a picture of what a purpose-led organisation might look like. 

A business is essentially a set of relationships and we often therefore refer to the Principles as a relationship map. Each section sets out where an organisation seeks to get to rather than where it is. The points are not intended to be exhaustive but are designed to help businesses challenge themselves to be ‘better’.

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How does Blueprint work with business?

Our work is about stimulating and energising a different way of thinking and behaving in business. We work with businesses and those who influence them.​

​Inspiring Culture Association translations

The Principles and Framework have also been translated by the ICA from the English originals: French, Serbian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Turkish.

Start your business's purpose journey

To facilitate the practical application of Blueprint – how do I use it? – we have developed an illustrative journey that can help companies understand what might be involved.