The journey

There is no one size fits all, no template to become a ‘purpose-led’ and the journey is rarely linear. 

To facilitate the practical application of Blueprint – how do I use it? – we have developed an illustrative journey that can help companies understand what might be involved.

Based on what we have learned working with business, we have mapped out three broad phases:


A raised awareness of what the world needs and what the business could become if it was purpose-led.

A change in the assumptions that shape decisions and behaviours in the business:

  • Profit is an outcome not the purpose of business
  • Business is a series of relationships
  • People are motivated by more than money, status and power – they seek meaning and are relational
  • Each person is a ‘someone not a something’
  • Business is part of society

Shared understanding & articulation

Build an understanding, both individual and organisational, of what it means to be purpose-led, articulated through a purpose which informs strategy and decision making.

A shared understanding and articulation of a purpose which:

  • Is inspiring, authentic & practical
  • Considers the better world that arises as a result of the business’ success that is better for the business, people, the planet & society
  • Is informed by engagement with stakeholders
  • Informs strategy and decision making

Bringing purpose to life

The critical work that brings purpose to life and ensures a business is purpose-led in practice.

Create the environment in which the purpose can come to life:

  • Strategy: strategic direction and decision making flows from the purpose
  • Leadership: programmes to help leadership embrace new assumptions and behaviours
  • Culture: engage the whole organisation through a compelling and inspiring narrative, role modelling, development and reinforcing mechanisms
  • Governance: the board ‘owns’ the purpose. Accountability and dialogue with stakeholders
  • Encourage experimentation: prototyping new ways of being and working, aimed at practical learning without fear of failure

How Blueprint helps catalyse this journey

All of our work is aimed at raising awareness of what a purpose-led business is and provoking a different way of thinking about the purpose of business and our assumptions about people.

The Knowledgebase

Drawing on what we have been learning from our work with business, we are building a knowledgebase to help you use the Blueprint thinking and approach in your work – this is in development and will be available in 2021.