Fiona Bibby

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Fiona Bibby


Fiona founded and managed a leadership development consultancy for 15 years, with the mission of supporting business to create a sustainable and meaningful world for all to thrive.

She has 15 years of experience, working at board level and with senior executives and their teams worldwide as a coach and facilitator. She worked in international development for the Suez Group for 5 years, then taught Negotiation, Business Strategy, and Intercultural Management, before becoming a coach. She has facilitated and hosted international meetings in corporate, education and institutional environments. Fiona loves co-creating innovative ways to impact mindset and behaviour change and is passionate about how more relational approaches impact system change. Her intuitive approach is inspired by her experience in business, education, and the performing arts.

She joined Blueprint in April 2023.

Fiona graduated from the London School of Economics in International Relations. She is a certified Master coach and qualified in a variety of development tools.