Podcast Series

Our podcast series explores the challenges and complexities of creating and running a purpose-led business. Speaking with influential leaders and change makers from across business and industry, the series features conversations which uncover the inner motivations of these visionary individuals, while exploring their invaluable experiences in leadership roles.

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In this episode Charles speaks to Mark Cutifani, former CEO, Anglo American. The conversation explores the realities of instilling a purpose-led approach in a complex organisation, whilst balancing challenging commercial goals. 

In this episode, Charles Wookey speaks to David Blood, co-founder and senior partner at Generation Investment Management. They explore the relationship between sustainability and purpose and how large organisations can move towards sustainability.

In the second episode of the series, Dame Alison Rose – CEO of Natwest Group – explores what leading a purpose-led organisation looks like, how she has worked to instil impact and value, and what she has learned in the process.

In the first episode of the series, Sarah Gillard, CEO of A Blueprint for Better Business meets with her predecessor Charles Wookey, to explore what purpose in business really looks like, what its critical success factors are and delves into what this series will seek to discover.

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Dee Corrigan interviewed on Baringa’s Climate and Sustainability Trailblazers podcast series

What is purpose, how do you get it and why is it important?

Dee Corrigan joins Sally Gray and Emily Farrimond to discuss the critical role of purpose in financial services firms, Blueprint’s work, what purpose means in terms of understanding the value your business delivers for society and why this work is so important now.

Listen to Baringa’s Climate and Sustainability Trailblazers podcast here: The importance of Purpose in meeting ESG goals

Blueprint Podcasts: The Common Good and The Human Person

Our Blueprint Framework sets out what the common good means in the context of business:

In this podcast Helen Alford explores further what we mean by goods and by the common good:

The dignity of people – just by virtue of being human, is central to our thinking. Our Blueprint Framework sets out what this means in the context of business:

In this podcast Helen explores Blueprint’s thinking about the human person:

About Helen:

Sister Helen Alford, is vice rector of Rome’s Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas, and a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. After working in industry and earning her PhD in engineering management from Cambridge University, Sister Alford entered the Dominicans and studied theology. She teaches Catholic social doctrine, business ethics and corporate responsibility. Sister Alford has been involved in Blueprint as a advisor since the charity was founded in 2012.