The framework

The Blueprint Framework outlines how purpose should be defined and the behaviours needed to build character and achieve purpose.

Most people want to quickly get to the practical application of Blueprint – how do I use it? But one of the things that is different about Blueprint is the underlying provenance – understanding this helps those who use Blueprint to better understand how to put Blueprint into practice.

The Framework provides a link to the underlying provenance of Blueprint and is drawn from strong foundations of learning from society including philosophy, faith teachings and social and behavioural science.

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How does Blueprint work with business?

Our work is about stimulating and energising a different way of thinking and behaving in business. We work with businesses and those who influence them.​

​Inspiring Culture Association translations

The Principles and Framework have also been translated by the ICA from the English originals: French, Serbian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Turkish.

Start your business's purpose journey

To facilitate the practical application of Blueprint – how do I use it? – we have developed an illustrative journey that can help companies understand what might be involved.