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Bringing purpose to life

Being purpose-led is not about embedding a purpose – it is about creating the conditions for the purpose to come to life. By being clear about what matters in guiding behaviour and decision making, all people, both in and outside the organisation are enabled and inspired to contribute to a shared worthwhile endeavour.   

This is a journey and we encourage the companies we work with to experiment: prototyping new ways of being and working, aimed at practical learning without fear of failure. We do not have all the answers and the challenges will be specific to each business. In this section we explore how to create the environment in which the purpose can come to life in an organisation including: 

  • Strategic direction and decision making that flows from the purpose 
  • Considerations in cultivating a purpose-led culture 
  • What it means to have purpose-led governance, where the board ‘owns’ the purpose and there is accountability and dialogue with stakeholders 
  • How to think about assessing progress in being purpose-led