Alex Rees talks about his experiences implementing the Blueprint Principles and Framework.

In an article in this month’s Professional Manager magazine Alex Rees, owner of Rugs of Petworth talks about his experiences in implementing the Blueprint Principles and Framework. Alex told the magazine that he “was inspired by the principles of the Blueprint but the reality was quite scary, transitioning to this new way of operating. Once we started, everything became simpler in terms of how we viewed the business. Every decision became easier to take once we were fully striving towards that purpose”. As Professional Manager magazine states, a purpose is exclusive, it excludes one from making certain decisions that are not aligned with the company’s purpose. Alex Rees noted that this helped him streamline his business; “we’ve got rid of the irrelevant parts of the business”.

Alex talked about his experience at our conference last October. He said he “knew [he] was going to have to drop product lines and lose sales” during the transition phase and sometimes employees had to keep him on track for the harder decisions. Currently his sales are back up and “overall it has given us a confidence and a clarity over what we do, it is easier to communicate to our customers what it is we do and it easier for us to understand the business…. the confidence that this has brought has enabled us to expand the business, buy the premises next door and for the first time reach out for investment to grow the business”

Alex Reese started his journey towards purpose-driven business after Loughlin Hickey, Blueprint Trustee talked with Alex about defining a purpose that both serves society and respects the dignity of the human person.

This item refers to an article originally published in the Chartered Managment Institute’s winter edition of Professional Manager magazine. The article was written by Blayne Pereira.

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Written by Ashley Kemball-Cook