Today Loughlin discussed “How can business regain the trust of society?” via a web chat with consultancy The Loop.

People dialled in to hear the conversation on trust, hearing about Loughlin’s experience, his values, and his understanding of business.

1. What makes businesses realise that responsible behaviour isn’t already fully soaked into their organisation, when they think it is? (re: Loughlin’s comments on ‘motherhood and apple pie’)

Businesses realise they’re not truly living a purpose journey, or their values, when they see what they’re doing isn’t working.

They think they are on a purpose journey, acting responsibly; they think they are doing what they say they are. But through seeing things not working, they realise they are either not doing it, or they’re not being authentic.

That is when we see a change in direction, a greater depth to their actions.

2. Is the problem of doing what is legal, but not what is right, exclusive to big business?   

It is not a function of size, it’s business in general. In fact, the problem is beyond the limits of business, it sits within all aspects of society. Business is at the sharp end, leading the way; but the problem isn’t exclusively in business.

Equally, size doesn’t matter. Small business can have worse behaviours than that big business, because it’s easier for them to go under the radar.

We can all be thinking about our actions, especially young leaders who we want to see forging positive new cultures in mainstream business.