A Blueprint for Better Business exists to support and challenge business to be a force for good. It does this by encouraging companies to operate true to a purpose that serves society, respects the dignity of people and thereby generates a fair return for responsible investors.

The Blueprint movement is anchored in an independent charity – the Blueprint Trust.  We are not a membership organisation, kite-mark or a compliance body. Association with the movement is voluntary and free.   We are not funded by business, but by charitable foundations and individuals. Our work is not about compliance or regulation but about stimulating and energizing positive behavioural change.

Who we are and what we do

Our latest booklet: Blueprint Booklet

Our Team

Out team is made up of a small group of paid staff, a group of volunteers who act as senior advisors and the Trustees of the Blueprint Trust.


The Blueprint movement came into being in 2012 as a result of a number of UK business leaders approaching the Archbishop of Westminster.


Blueprint Trust was registered in England & Wales as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 23 April 2014 and is a registered charity.


This page gives the answers to a number of questions we are frequently asked about Blueprint – where it came from, what we do and how we work with businesses.

Purpose that Serves Society

At the heart of the Blueprint is that business should operate true to a purpose that serves society and respects people

Blueprint Movement

Being part of a movement means that you can learn from others going through the same process