WEF Debate on Building a Moral Economy

By 29/01/2013Events

Is there a practical basis for a shared set of social values? What principles transcend regions, generations and sectors? What role can individual leaders play in committing to broader social responsibilities?How can the stakeholders collectively reflect and fulfil these responsibilities? These topics were explored throughout the World Economic Forum at Davos last week, culminating in a livestreamed session “The Moral Economy: From Social Contract to Social Covenant” on Saturday 26 January.

The Global Agenda Council on Values has also prepared a paper entitled “A New Social Covenant” which discusses this topic further.   It refers to a broad consensus across cultures, religions and philosophies on some shared human aspirations:

  • The dignity of the human person – whatever their race, gender, background or belief.
  • The importance of a common good that transcends individual interests.
  • The need for stewardship – a concern, not just for ourselves, but for posterity.

Together offering a powefull, unifying ideal: Valued individuals, committed to one another, and respectful of future generations.  Click A New Social Covenant to see a full copy of the paper.