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An introduction to Blueprint

We’ve put together a collection of videos which offer an easy introduction to our work. We reccomend these as a good place to start building you understanding about purpose and a great resource to share with others.

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An introduction to Blueprint from Charles Wookey, CEO

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What does it mean for business to be purpose-led?

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What does it mean to be a leader in a purpose-led business?

We have created a  playlist of content from a range of external sources related to purpose -led business.

Charles Wookey interviewed by Sallie Pilot for Blacksun podcast series

“Diving into the concept of purpose with Charles Wookey, CEO of Blueprint for Better Business – a charity that works with large businesses to drive change by helping them become purpose-led. In this episode, we discuss how purpose can be used as a filter to make decisions, the role and commitment of the board and management team to drive change, and how corporate communication can help tell the story around a company’s purpose in a truly authentic way.”