Blueprint Videos

An Introduction to Blueprint from Charles Wookey, Blueprint CEO

What does it mean for business to be purpose-led?

What does it mean to be a leader in a purpose-led business?

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Blueprint Podcasts

Two key themes in the Blueprint thinking are our view of the human person and the common good.  Helen Alford talks about each of these in two short podcasts.

the Human Person

The Common Good

Business, like any other part of society, is fundamentally about people. How we think about people – the human person – crucially affects everything we do.  At Blueprint we believe that many of the current problems in business and society have at their root some deep limiting assumptions about what it is to be human. These assumptions can cramp our thinking and limit our imagination of what it is possible to change in ourselves and in the organisations we work in. Some people feel that they are expected to behave differently at work – applying a different set of values to those that they apply in their personal lives – leading them to feel they are living a divided life. Philosophy and faith traditions, together with empirical work in neuroscience and behavioural studies, offer a richer and more realistic view of the human person. Building on this view, we believe it is possible to set out a vision for a wider common good in society, and the positive role of business within it: one where business is a force for good that respects the dignity of people, and, by helping society to flourish thereby makes a sustainable profit.

Guest Podcasts

Charles Wookey interviewed by Sallie Pilot for BlackSun podcast series

“Diving into the concept of purpose with Charles Wookey, CEO of Blueprint for Better Business – a charity that works with large businesses to drive change by helping them become purpose-led. In this episode, we discuss how purpose can be used as a filter to make decisions, the role and commitment of the board and management team to drive change, and how corporate communication can help tell the story around a company’s purpose in a truly authentic way.”