Tim supports senior leaders in large, complex, global organisations apply their considerable intelligence to how they can drive sustainable performance and long-term value creation through a combination of organisation purpose, how they run their organisation, and the way that change is led in their organisation.

He started his consulting career at Arthur Andersen in 1989 and joined BRIDGE in 1999, becoming CEO in 2009.

BRIDGE is a global consultancy that helps leaders and organisations evolve. It supports leaders better understand their organisations and the contexts within which they operate, and course-correct and intervene to help their organisations accelerate their growth and development.

Tim is also an advisor to the BRIDGE INSTITUTE, a non-profit organisation, that brings together businesses, governments and third sector organisations to address some of the seemingly impossible problems in society. It does this by including the development of cutting edge leadership skills as part of the dialogue process, challenging convention and applying a ‘whole-system’ approach to change.