Being part of a movement means that you can learn from others going through the same process: from reviewing and embedding your purpose through to encouraging the behaviours necessary for people to be true to that purpose when making decisions.

The Benefits  

A business that genuinely lives out a purpose that serves society and respects people:

  • Engages and motivates its people
  • Stimulates creativity and innovation
  • Enhances its reputation
  • Promotes customer and brand loyalty
  • Helps create a stable society that sustains good businesses
  • Delivers long term performance

“The Blueprint offers a practical and realistic approach to enhance companies’ performance through fulfilment of a purpose which also benefits society as a whole.”

Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive, Vodafone Group

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone

Businesses who commit to Embedding the Blueprint recognise it is a journey not a destination

What does being part of the movement mean?

Over time, and in the way best fitting for each business, we would expect businesses who are part of the movement to:

  • Acknowledge being part of the Blueprint movement
  • Commit to the Principles and embed the required behaviours
  • Draw up a purpose statement consistent with the Principles
  • Hold a board discussion at least once a year where delivery of operations and profit aligned to purpose is reviewed
  • Be open about progress, by publishing appropriate information that enables public scrutiny of the alignment between stated purpose and actions

“.. firms that are driven by purpose are more productive, more engaged, more creative, more far seeing and this strengthens individual companies.

… although it does strengthen companies there are temptations to fall back to the old ways of behaving. An initiative like the Blueprint for Better Business is so important because it can aide a shift in the accepted way of behaving towards purpose-driven business. This creates a community where companies can hold each other to account. We know from all kinds of work that if everyone around me behaves a particular way then it is easier to behave in such a way oneself.”

Professor Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Business School

Rebecca Henderson- Hararvard
John Kay & Jon Snow at the blueprint for better business conference

A movement is needed to help change the conversation about the role and expectations of business in society. One company acting alone can change their business, a number doing it together can change the conversation.