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We believe that every business should have a purpose which serves society and respects the dignity of people.  Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face issues and challenges that are distinct from those faced by large corporates. SME leaders and entrepreneurs often feel isolated, with a high level of personal responsibility and awareness of the direct consequences of their decisions. This leads to concerns about long term sustainability, making the right decisions and staying true to one’s values and passion. We have developed a workshop format aimed at SMEs to explore the Blueprint Principles. The workshop offers a highly participative experience in an informal atmosphere of trust and confidentiality. 

Our approach:

  • To connect your values and business
  • To explore the purpose of your business – the fundamental reason for its existence
  • To share experience and best practice in an environment of trust and mutual support
  • To take into account SME-specific issues and challenges
  • To understand the business relationship that matter and make them stronger in order to create a better society for all

Case Study – Rugs of Petworth

Alex Rees, founder and owner of Rugs of Petworth talks about how he implemented the Blueprint for long term sustainable business performance. Loughlin Hickey from Blueprint also relates the story from the perspective of the ‘coach’. 

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Alex Rees - Rugs of Petworth