Sir Mike Rake – Chair of Blueprint Advisory Council

By 04/04/2016Update

Mike Rake

Sir Mike Rake (Chair of BT and Worldpay) has agreed to chair the Blueprint Advisory Council.

Sir Rake said; “I’m delighted I’ve been asked to chair the Advisory Council” . The Council will bring in insights from an independent group of people drawn from all sectors of society.

The role of the Advisory Council is to advise the Trustees of the Blueprint Trust.  It will be made up of representatives drawn from business and wider society to include employees, investors, consumers, academics, NGOs, faith groups and the media but so that no singe constituency should be in the overall majority.

Mike spoke in the Sunday Times about why he thinks organisations like  Blueprint for Better Business are so important; “If business is not trusted . . . potentially the electorate will move to the extreme left or the extreme right, neither of which have ever created environments that are good for the majority of people,”  Click here to see the full article

Interview with Sir Mike Rake