Saker Nusseibeh - Hermes

Saker was appointed CEO of Hermes Fund Managers in May 2012 after joining in June 2009 as a main Board Director and Head of Investment.  He is responsible for ensuring that all of Hermes’ investment capabilities deliver investment excellence and are able to compete at the highest levels in the third party market, as well as playing an integral part in Hermes’ drive to acquire new teams and businesses.

Previous to Hermes, Saker joined Fortis Investments USA in 2005 as CIO Global Equities, moving on to become Global Head of Equities, responsible for managing the company’s 12 Equity centres.   Saker is the Chairman of the 300 club, a group of leading investment professionals from across the globe who have joined together to raise awareness about the potential impact of current market thinking and behaviours, and to call for immediate action.