On the evening of March 5th 2019 we’re planning a panel event discussing fairness in collaboration with the RSA, this will be the third in our ‘Principles of Purpose’ series.

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The desire for fairness is a fundamental human attribute. But while we all agree that fairness is a good thing, are we clear on exactly what it means in practice? If a company wanted to think more seriously about fairness, what questions should they be asking themselves and others?

Whether the issue is pay, tax, or environmental harm, it’s clear that many people feel companies are not playing fair, highlighting an ongoing public dis-ease with business. This underlines the importance of fairness to individuals and in society – but also raises a question about whether fairness is a core business goal.

Can business be judged as innately fair or unfair? Fairness so often involves balance and compromise between multiple stakeholders, and there are rarely simple solutions. Should we understand fairness as a choice businesses and leaders make – a choice that depends on how they see their role in society?

The RSA and Blueprint gather an expert panel to explore what it means for a company to behave fairly, and to encourage businesses to think harder about the issue and work towards fairer processes and outcomes.

Speakers to include: Baroness Onora O’Neill, philosopher and crossbench member of the House of Lords; and Justin King, Vice Chairman, Terra Firma and formerly CEO, J Sainsbury plc

Chair: Matthew Taylor, RSA Chief Executive


Over the next 18 months, Blueprint’s  Principles of Purpose event series will explore each section of our Principles in turn, culminating in a conference bringing together the discussions generated by each panel.

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