In spite of the fashion for ‘Purpose’, creating a genuinely purpose-led, values-driven and market-leading business is not for the faint-hearted. In truth, putting people and purpose at the heart of business, with profit as the condition and the outcome (rather than a reason for being), is far harder than it sounds. Creating a healthy human system, in which the view is long-term sustainable high performance and in which the entire value chain is respected, supported and valued, is extremely challenging work!

So, how do you go about this deep, systemic change?

Join us at Meaning Conference for a collaborative workshop session for coaches, consultants and managers working with leaders who are on the path to purpose led organisations.

In the session, Blueprint aims to facilitate robust conversations around what it might take to create genuinely purposeful organisations – drawing on the commonalities of the challenges faced by agents of change.

Examples of challenges we might consider:

  • Confronting pie crust purpose (easily made, easily broken) – How do you ensure that you are engaging in a real lasting purpose-led approach rather than simply creating a document that will be filed away.
  • Short-termism – How to have an enduring conversation rather than a transactional one
  • Issues-based – Delivering a companywide purpose-led approach when hired in response to an organisational crisis, e.g. sexual discrimination or environmental damage

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Date & Time: Thursday, 15th November 2018

VenueBrighton Dome, Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1UE


Coaches and consultants, and senior leaders in organisations that are engaging with purpose


  • Collaborative solutions to commonly faced problems
  • An understanding of Blueprint’s approach to purpose-led business
  • Opportunity to join our coaches & consultants or participants networks which allows members to connect with peers and offers regular facilitated meetings with Blueprint

Coaches and consultants in our network are increasingly finding that success against a purpose agenda requires more than mere ‘sponsorship’ from the top. In reality, an intentional and unrelenting shift to ‘ownership’ and visible leadership here at ExCo level is vital if there is to be buy-in from all levels of the organisation. But how do you go about this deep, systemic change? Often, the mandate to get under the bonnet of how an organisation makes its decisions is only partially granted. When this partial permission is in play the advocacy for the deep change required is met with multiple functional and practical roadblocks that hamper progress and often undermine the promise of genuinely purpose-led business. Therein lies the danger of ‘putting lipstick on the pig’ in the form of communications initiatives and storytelling, without the backbone of genuine change at a systems, tools and processes – operating model, level.

At Blueprint, we explore the danger of ‘cognitive dissonance’ and how damaging it can be for organisations and individuals when a company talks about being ‘purpose-led’, but the employees experience their working lives as disconnected from the espoused values lived out in decision-making, big and small. We work with the top teams to help foster understanding of the courageous conversations that will have to be had, the defining decisions that might have to be made, IF, the organisation is serious about purpose-led, values-driven, market leadership.

This session will ask the questions: What do you/we need to move our work forward? What is standing in the way? How do we get ‘unblocked’? This session will be run on an emergent agenda adapting to the issues faced by the professionals in the room. We invite attendees to share issues and discuss potential solutions in a structured manner.

About Meaning Conference

Since 2012, Meaning has provided an annual gathering for smart people wanting to change the world of business for the better.

At Meaning, there’s an atmosphere of shared visions and of open-minded camaraderie. There is discussion, there is challenge and there is joy.

Between inspiring talks, there are chances to reflect and digest what you’ve heard. Allegiances are formed and world-altering plans are hatched over coffee.