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Workshop 1: Exploring a draft purpose statement

This workshop is designed to help a leadership team explore a draft purpose statement to help:

  • Deepen the understanding of and commitment to becoming purpose-led
  • Challenge the team to consider how the purpose statement could shape their strategy, their relationship with stakeholders and their culture
  • Create shared ownership of the process and a shared view of the intention and motivation that will direct next steps

Download: Exploring a draft purpose statement – Workshop

Workshop 2: Exploring the relationships in the Five Principles

This workshop can help you to explore the relevance of the purpose statement to each of the relationships set out in the Blueprint Principles. Thinking of business as a series of relationships changes the nature of the interaction and engagement with the people on which the business’ success depends and so influences strategy development and execution and therefore helps inform the development of the Purpose statement.

Download: Exploring the relationships in the Five Principles – Workshop

See Understanding the Blueprint Principles for a detailed exploration of each of the relationships in the Principles

For more on the thinking behind how we design and facilitate our workshops and what we are learning from running them, to help you to design and run your own workshops see: Using workshops to enable better quality dialogue