Exercises and questions to explore

As well as the exercises above looking at purpose statements, below are some questions and exercises to help you explore what your next steps might be:

  • Have the leadership come to a shared belief about what being purpose-led really means and what it implies for the future of the business?
  • Who is leading the work? Where does the final responsibility for agreeing to the purpose lie?
  • Is there a process for wider consultation both within and outside the business?
  • Is it clear how the purpose will inform the core business strategy and guide decision making?
  • Does the purpose address the perceived ‘ills’ in the business sector?


  • Drawing on your reflections on these questions, write up some talking points for a discussion with the CEO / others leading the work on purpose
  • Drawing on your reflections on the questions, and reviewing the two workshop formats in resources, would a workshop help? What would you be seeking to achieve through such a workshop? Who should participate? Who else should be involved in helping to co-create the workshop?

For further guidance you might find the following courses useful: