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What if business could help solve the greatest problems of our time?

Harvard Business School Professor, Rebecca Henderson speaks to Blueprint CEO Charles Wookey to discuss her new work, Blueprint’s role and how companies are putting purpose into practice. 

Listen to this webinar which was held on  10 September 2020

Purpose for PLCs – Time for Boards to focus?

Charles chairs a discussion between Sir Ian Powell and members of the working group who worked with Blueprint on our paper, they ask what purpose means in practical terms for boards and how can they assess progress?

Listen to this webinar held on 16 September 2020

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How not to run an unfair business

Held at the RSA on 5th March 2019 this panel explored what it means for a company to behave fairly, encouraging businesses to think harder about the issue and work towards fairer processes and outcomes. Chaired by Matthew Taylor, speakers included Onora O’Neill, Justin King, Jane Corbett and Charles Wookey.

Watch the event on-demand 

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