Engaging with Large Corporates

A large part of our work is talking to people in individual businesses to discuss how they can use the Blueprint. This work generally takes the form of one to one meetings.  In addition, some people in business have generously agreed to host forums for CEOs and Chairmen at which we have been able to introduce and discuss the Blueprint.

We support businesses who wish to implement the Blueprint from reviewing and embedding their purpose through to encouraging the behaviours necessary for people to be true to that purpose when making decisions.  This is a journey no a destination and each company will move at its own pace and scale.

Being part of a movement means that businesses can learn from others going through the same process and contribute to a dialogue across companies at all levels at workshops, conferences and discussion forums.

Whilst we believe business must lead the change, it cannot do this alone; wider society has a critical role to play.

We therefore work with groups from across society to help challenge and support change to include the investor community, NGOs, Think Tanks and academics.

We ask that wider society help, support, critique, and advise business on its journey.