Blueprint helps businesses be inspired and guided by a purpose that serves society. 

Our work is about stimulating and energising a different way of thinking and behaving in business.

Our work with companies is centred on using our Five Principles of a Purpose led Business, and the thinking behind them. to challenge and support leadership teams in understanding and exploring the potential of becoming a better business.

We work mainly with large listed UK companies and we offer:

  • Presentations to ExCos, leadership teams and ‘town hall’ meetings to introduce the thinking and challenge it can offer
  • Workshop sessions for teams at different levels in a business to introduce the thinking in more depth

For company leaders who then wish to work with us over time as they undertake their purpose journey, we also offer for a limited number of large corporates ‘social contracts’ which are non legal and non financial.

How does a social contract work?

We make a shared commitment to work together over an 18-24-month period where members of our team have regular contact with the CEO and other key senior people in your company to challenge and support your thinking and your journey to being a better business.

As part of this we:

  • Provide a challenge to your business – using our Blueprint Principles as the provocation
  • Agree goals with you which draw on the Blueprint Principles
  • Facilitate a group session(s) with your management or other teams, in support of your goals
  • Convene CEO peer learning groups that meet every 6 months for 2 years to share learning, experience and mutual challenge
  • Build networks to which you and members of your teams will be invited, to share learning, experience and get support
  • Where we are able to, we will connect you to others on the same journey that might be able to help you.

All our conversations with you will of course be completely confidential.

For the social contract to be effective there needs to be:

  • enough frequency in our interaction with your CEO and others in your team, to build effective relationships
  • relationships with more than one senior person other than the CEO (it is easier for people to affect change if they are not trying to do it alone)
  • where external consultants are engaged to help you, it is helpful if we have your support to invest time building relationships with these consultants so we can help join up the various conversations.

We are a small charity and our work is limited to acting as a catalyst to help businesses be inspired and guided by a purpose that benefits society. We are not a consultancy or a substitute for paid consultants or coaches.

Alongside our work with corporates, we seek to influence the overall conversation about the purpose of business, through dialogue with key influencers such as investors, academics, policy makers, NGOs, consultants to business and others and through social media, forums, conferences, events and collaboration with other organisations with similar objectives.

What we ask in return

A commitment of your time to the social contract, if you choose it.

If you find working with Blueprint helpful, then we ask you to be ambassadors for this way of thinking about purpose and people, through your leadership networks, employees and supply chains.

We are a charity and do not take money in return for working with business. Association with Blueprint’s thinking is voluntary and free. There are no kite marks or compliance obligations. Embedding Blueprint’s way of thinking carries its own self-discipline in the commitment to enable and welcome scrutiny, and in the continued dialogue which that requires.

More information – in a format you can download and print is available here: How Blueprint Works With Business Leaders

Blueprint is relevant to all sizes of business

Whilst Blueprint primarily works with big business, many of our tools are relevant for organisations of all sizes: including the 6 steps model found below. To learn more about how the Blueprint can be applied to SMEs, please click here.


On 12th May 2017, Charles Wookey from Blueprint and Annette Fergusson from Vodafone Group, co-presented a case study at the Said Business School’s Responsible Business Forum.


Blueprint formed part of the advisory panel for this government-backed review of ‘mission-led’ business in the UK.

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To find out more about our work with business, please contact
Charles Wookey or Dee Corrigan