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“The power balance between the customer or citizen and the business really needs to be redressed”

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Following our ‘What does it mean to be honest and fair with customers’ panel on November 7th, we wanted to share the key themes that emerged during the event.

Gillian Guy, Chief Executive, Citizens Advice “The power balance between the customer or citizen and the business really needs to be redressed”

During a wide-ranging discussion, it was clear that both panellist and participants alike felt fairness and honesty with customers is a choice a business can, and should, make. A key part of this is whose interests and needs decision-makers take into account, and with what priority and level of commitment.

The debate highlighted that when business structures and goals focus on short-term revenue targets it often results in decisions at odds with the customer, citizen or public good. In some sectors, particularly where choice is limited (by provider availability, such as with utilities), or where a monopoly exists (such as with transport options and digital services), opacity and customer dissatisfaction are common.

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Seven tips to build trust in British workplaces

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We recently conducted some research which found that there is a shortage of trust and reciprocity in our relationships at work.

Our survey of 1,000 business professionals discovered that building relationships with colleagues is frequently done out of necessity, rather than desire. We think that this needs to change, as there is so much to be gained when knowledge, time and support is shared between colleagues and friends. Organisations are more successful, and individuals are much happier.

Below are seven ways to help build relationships with those you work with, some of which might also help you to feel more fulfilled in your job.  Read More

Slowing Down to Speed Up

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Written by Charles Wookey

When my oldest son first went to primary school, his warm and wise reception teacher summed him up well: “that boy is on permanent fast-forward”. We never did find the pause button.  Even now, at 28, sitting still is not his forte. I’ve long realised that his father is partly to blame. My own nature is to crack on with life, filling each day with as much content as possible, and running when walking might do. Read More

Management is broken – here’s how we can fix it

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Written by Julia Rebholz, originally published in People Management 

We need to start seeing people as individuals with limitless potential and trust them to make decisions, says Julia Rebholz

Top-down pyramidal structures are producing stressed-out middle managers, low productivity and poor working relationships. While this style of management was relevant for 1960s manufacturing jobs, in our 21st century service-based economy it is outdated and ineffective. Read More

Experiencing a culture shock

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I used to work for a global oil and gas company, which was process-driven and held up by traditional management practices. Now, I work for Blueprint: a small and relatively new charity. It’s fair to say that in transitioning from one to the other, I’ve experienced a degree of culture shock. Read More