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Being purpose-led is both an organisational and a personal challenge and it is helpful to start by reflecting on your own experience and what has helped and guided you. And, in the light of that, to explore how you personally convey what it means to be purpose-led and how to put it in your own words, before starting to try and put it into practice.

This course discusses how you can become or continue to be a ‘changemaker’ in your organisation and includes:

  • Exploring what has been most fulfilling in work for you and why, the impact of implicit assumptions and limiting beliefs and, through your own insights and experience, developing your narrative and deepening your conviction to champion change
  • Exploring how to instigate change, navigate tricky conversations and build a network of allies and an internal desire for change within the organisation

Time commitment:

15 minutes to read

This course includes two exercises and encourages self-reflection. Additional time will be needed for this and to explore the content in the Resources section.

We also recommend you listen to our webinar Agitating for Change (link included in the course – 45-minute watch) to hear three changemakers discuss their experiences.