This course explores the bottom part of Blueprint’s Framework. It discusses how behaviours build character and shape culture and goes on to explore the behaviours set out in the Blueprint Framework:

  • Other people matter (solidarity) – actively seeking to serve the broadest community
  • Freedom with responsibility (subsidiarity) – trusting and enabling others in decision making
  • Building trust and trusted relationships (reciprocity) – generously sharing time and knowledge with others
  • Valuing diversity and building bridges (plurality) – actively engaging with critics and different voices to test thinking
  • Stewardship of people, values and resources (sustainability) – developing people and replenishing resources

This is a detailed course which explores in depth the thinking that informs Blueprint’s work.

The top part of Blueprint’s Framework is explored in the courses: What it is to be human and What is the role of business in society?

Time commitment:

30-35 minutes to read

Additional time will be needed to reflect on the questions and to explore the additional content in the Resources section.