We help curate and disseminate a growing body of evidence to demonstrate that there is no trade off between a business that is guided and inspired by a purpose that benefits society and long tern sustainable performance. We also work with academics to stimulate and collate new and exciting areas of research which explore the relationship between business and ‘purpose’. 

Desk study – Purpose & Performance – March 2016

A desk-based study noting a positive correlation between businesses which follow the Blueprint Principles (via proxy measurements) and improved financial performance.


In September 2016, we co-hosted an international academic conference with London Business School and the LBS Leadership Institute. The aim of the conference was to explore the impact on business, of having a purpose that serves society.

The academic committee was chaired by Harvard Business School Professor, Rebecca Henderson, and the conference was witness to 19 papers being presented.

A summary of the event can be found here.
The original call for papers can be downloaded here.

Purpose and Performance – Panel discussion

On 15 September we convened a panel discussion of academics to discuss purpose and performance. To see an overview and a summary video of the Panel Discussion.

 To find out more about our work with academics, please contact
Soulla Kyriacou