A Blueprint for Better Business exists to help business to be guided and inspired by a purpose that benefits society. It does this by challenging core assumptions about the purpose of business and what motivates people.

Because of their scale and reach, our work focuses primarily on senior people in large corporates and those who influence them such as academics, investors, NGOs, the media and consultants and advisors to business.  We convene workshops, events and 1:1 meetings  and participate in ongoing dialogue to bring business leaders and representatives from wider society together to overcome the challenges and unlock the opportunities of business being guided by a purpose that benefits society.

Our work is about stimulating and energising a different way of thinking and behaving in business rather than being about kite-marks, compliance or regulation.  We are not a membership organisation or a consultancy.

Our work is carried out through an independent charity – The Blueprint Trust – and is funded by charitable foundations and individuals. We do not take funding from business.

Our latest booklet can be downloaded here: Blueprint Booklet

Our Team

Out team is made up of a small group of paid staff, our Trustees, and a small group of volunteers. We also have an Advisory Council, made up of representatives from across society.


The Blueprint movement came into being in 2012 with discussions on the role of business in society and concerns around people experiencing a ‘divided life’.


Blueprint Trust was registered in England & Wales as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 23 April 2014 and is a UK registered charity.

The Purpose of Purpose

At the heart of the Blueprint is that business should be guided and inspired by a purpose that benefits society and respects people