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April 2020

LinkedIn: Being “Purpose-led” is not about avoiding tough decisions

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Charles Wookey, CEO, A Blueprint for Better Business

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Being purpose-led is not about avoiding tough decisions. It is about accepting and naming the difficulties and the struggle, bringing people into a decision making process, even if it is one that involves loss and sacrifice, and especially when there is acute uncertainty.

This article explores how being purpose-led can help businesses navigate the acute challenges they face now. And why it should not be misunderstood as just being ‘nice’. I hope you find it helpful and welcome your thoughts.

Taking stock of the emerging reality

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Charles Wookey, CEO, A Blueprint for Better Business

As we move into a second period of lockdown, with no clear route map yet emerging, there is a profound stress and anxiety for many across all dimensions of life and work.

In trying to make sense of what is happening, a very natural temptation is to predict, forecast and prescribe as if we somehow have privileged access to the answers. As one of our Advisory Council, Margaret Heffernan said a few days ago:

“Even as we anticipate a rising death toll, many are looking over the horizon to stake their claim to the future. It’s more than a little premature. We haven’t lived through the experience yet – and already we jump to conclusions about it. We don’t know who or where we will be when this ends. Attempts to define what happens next represent a power grab, attempting to wrest the future from all of us before we get there. We do better to experience fully and to understand the present than to let anyone pre-empt our future.”

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