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March 2020

What does purpose look like in a crisis?

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Amelia Watts, Communications Manager, A Blueprint for Better Business

Over the last weeks, we have all experienced rapid change in response to Covid-19 and the economic uncertainty we face as a society. We wanted to share just a few illustrative examples of the positive ways in which businesses are responding. We hope this will show how companies can make thoughtful and compassionate decisions in difficult times and we aim to highlight, where we can, the thinking we believe sits behind them around relationships, people, purpose.

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LinkedIn: Putting purpose into practice: 5 “don’ts” and 3 “dos”

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Charles Wookey, CEO, A Blueprint for Better Business

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When Blueprint started its work with major companies on purpose in 2014, the first question from many business leaders was why: “Why we should spend time on purpose? What is the business case?”

Now, six years on, the first question is usually how: “We get that purpose matters. How do you do this really well, and how do you assess progress?”

We are learning a lot from the companies we are working with, and a range of thoughtful fellow travellers working in different ways with companies large and small.

Based on our experience this article outlines five don’ts and three dos: