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October 2019

Purpose and culture

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Soulla Kyriacou is COO of A Blueprint for Better Business

Purpose is having a moment. From Larry Fink’s letter to CEOs back in 2018 to the changes in the UK  Corporate Governance Code, and more recently the statement on purpose from the US Business Roundtable. There is now a growing expectation that every business should be clear about its purpose.

Investors can play a significant role in advancing the purpose movement through their investment decisions and active ownership as well as through themselves being purpose-led businesses.

Writing for the Investment Association, Soulla explores the link between purpose and culture.

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Navigating Purpose – provocations for CEOs

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Charles Wookey, CEO, A Blueprint for Better Business

This introduction was given to an audience of FTSE 100 leaders at a recent Blueprint CEO Forum.

Ahead of this evening’s discussion, I wanted to offer this illustration as an opening framing, and from there draw out three provocations. In doing this, I’m conscious that we represent a charity working with business leaders – one offering insights and questions – but we are not the people on the bridge of the ship. You are.

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