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November 2016

Relationships of Value

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by Loughlin Hickey & Charles Wookey

Human Value cannot be subordinated to market value

When, as citizens, we make far-reaching decisions, it is all too familiar to see the headlines reporting how the markets have reacted. The risk is that we are being drawn to the markets and financial value to define what is good and bad for us as people. In short the benefit to us as people, the “human value”, is in danger of being subordinated to market value. We need to think carefully about the values system we choose to embrace.

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This piece was originally published in the Jericho Chambers Magazine ‘Revolutionary Times’. 

Academic Conference Summary

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In September 2016, A Blueprint for Better Business organised 2 events to further understand the role of ‘purpose’ within business.

The Panel Discussion on ‘Purpose and Performance’ was attended by around 150 business professionals, whilst the Academic Conference on ‘Organisations with Purpose’ (held in conjunction with London Business School & the LBS Leadership Institute) was attended by around 50 leading academics.

Professor David Grayson from Cranfield School of Management was in attendance at both events, and has provided an account of his personal reflections. Read it here.

A summary of the papers presented at the Academic Conference can be downloaded here. 


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A Blueprint for Better Business – October Newsletter

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Purpose & Performance

On 15 September 2016, a Blueprint for Better Business convened a panel discussion with top academics to explore the link between purpose and performance. The panel was chaired by Andrew Hill (FT) and was attended by around 150 business professionals. The event included London Business School Professors Alex Edmans and Ioannis Ioannou, Plymouth Business School Associate Professor Victoria Hurth, and Professor of Economics & Business Ethics at Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Professor Helen Alford.

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