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April 2016

Blueprint Conference: A Student’s Perspective

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Conference audience

Written by Celine Goslinga, Student at University of Glasgow

I was thrilled to attend Blueprint in Action. I study Business and Geography at the University of Glasgow and have a particular interest in corporate responsibility, as I aspire to work in developmental aid, perhaps through the private sector. I thought it would be very valuable to gain inspiration from the application of tangible examples out in the real world. In Action. Yet still, as I boarded the night coach from Glasgow to London, a flash of nerves struck me. Me, a first year student, off to a big city, to sit in on a professional conference where I don’t know anyone and where everyone would probably be older and wiser than me. I took a breath and said to myself: ‘Relax. Just observe. Orientate. Get inspired.’ Read More

Fully Immersed in Blueprint

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Written by Kate Fowler, A Blueprint for Better Business

‘What are your expectations?’ ‘What are your concerns that you hope Blueprint can address?’ ‘What are you excited about?’ These three questions faced the 20 participants of Blueprint’s most recent immersion workshop as they arrived for dinner on the first night. The workshops are designed to do exactly what they say on the tin: ‘immerse’ participants to give them a deep understanding of Blueprint. So what were my expectations? After three months working with Blueprint I have learnt about the benefits to both business and society if businesses operate to a purpose that serves society. But having never before attended an immersion workshop, I was less familiar with the deep thinking behind Blueprint – what exactly are Blueprint’s ideas based on? What distinguishes Blueprint from other projects in the same area?

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