Who are we?

Blueprint is a catalyst for change in business. We challenge businesses to serve the societies in which they seek to prosper and support them on the path towards that goal. Blueprint is an independent charity rooted in intellectual rigour drawn from research and from the collective wisdom of a number of traditions, disciplines and initiatives. The Trust is funded by charitable foundations and individuals, with pro bono assistance from expert advisors. It does not take any membership fees or consultancy income from businesses and is overseen by individuals drawn from across society including business.

Why is Blueprint needed?

Scandals, low employee wellbeing, NGO pressure and increased regulation have exposed a gap in expectations: business feels the good it does is not recognised; people feel they are often exploited by business. This leads to frustration, lack of trust, and under-achievement, to the detriment of society and business. One cause is the assumption that people operate as purely self-interested individuals when in business. Another is that business leaders sense they are obliged to maximise profit. Blueprint challenges these assumptions. We support businesses in adopting more realistic models of human behaviour and business purpose, so they can serve society for mutual benefit.

How can businesses use the Blueprint model?

  • To differentiate themselves by committing to join the front-runners in a race to the top;
  • To encourage and inspire their people, by helping them improve society through their work;
  • To become more resilient and sustainable for the long term, by forging strong relationships;
  • To build a practical bridge between business success and people’s hopes for a better world.

How does Blueprint help?

We believe there is positive potential for business across all sectors and sizes, but to maximise our impact we focus primarily on large companies that can spread the word. We challenge and encourage senior corporate leaders to create positive and sustainable outcomes and support them as they make their purpose public. We collaborate with individuals from wider society, investors, NGOs, academics, coaches and advisors to bridge the expectations gap. We also work with organisations that already operate to a true purpose and that seek to be part of a wider movement to make such an approach commonplace.

Blueprint offers practical assistance in the following ways:

  • We explore with businesses the gaps between actual and desired performance and offer insight into how their view of humans’ role in business has contributed;
  • We provide The Blueprint Framework & Principles, an evolving set of practical tools, case studies, and academic research;
  • We help senior leaders as they map out a phased programme of change for their businesses;
  • We engage with investors, business schools and the media to change the narrative about how businesses serve society and about the fundamental criteria for sustainable prosperity;
  • We create spaces where leaders, advisors and representatives of wider society can connect, share their experience, learn from and help each other;
  • We are a source of independent insights into overcoming the challenges and unlocking the opportunities of staying true to a purpose that serves society.

You can download a version of this  in PDF here :

A Blueprint for Better Business – who we are