Is purpose for real?

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Written by Michael Hilton and Charles Wookey

When BlackRock, the largest investor in the world, starts talking about purpose there can be little doubt that it is in vogue.  In his 2018 letter to CEOs Larry Fink states that “to prosper over time every company must not only deliver financial performance but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.”  The new UK Corporate Governance Code – currently out for consultation – strikes a very similar tone.

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The 100 year life

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Written by Michael Hilton

What would you care about if you were likely to live for 100 years?

There is a lot written about millennials being different from other generations. So far in my time at Blueprint I’ve heard many (often older) folk pin their hopes on the young’s new found desire, as a generation, for a more purposeful and environmentally-friendly future. It’s the millennials, they say, who will insist that businesses become better employers and better stewards for our planet. Read More

Slowing Down to Speed Up

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Written by Charles Wookey

When my oldest son first went to primary school, his warm and wise reception teacher summed him up well: “that boy is on permanent fast-forward”. We never did find the pause button.  Even now, at 28, sitting still is not his forte. I’ve long realised that his father is partly to blame. My own nature is to crack on with life, filling each day with as much content as possible, and running when walking might do. Read More

Management is broken – here’s how we can fix it

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Written by Julia Rebholz, originally published in People Management 

We need to start seeing people as individuals with limitless potential and trust them to make decisions, says Julia Rebholz

Top-down pyramidal structures are producing stressed-out middle managers, low productivity and poor working relationships. While this style of management was relevant for 1960s manufacturing jobs, in our 21st century service-based economy it is outdated and ineffective. Read More