Survey Results

By 21/10/2013Events, Survey

Ahead of our conference on 24 October, we held 2 online surveys: one aimed at the conference participants and the other at students and young professionals. Preliminary results from these surveys show the following:

Survey of Conference Participants

86% believe business has a clear role in helping solve societal problems

76% believe businesses have not taken on their fair share of responsibility in helping solve societal problems

82% believe that pressure by institutional investors to achieve short term returns prevents business leaders from creating broader value

76% believe it is common for people to have a ‘divided life’ with different values required at work to those acceptable outside work

Survey of students and young people

76% disagree that businesses today operate in an honest and transparent way

73% believe that businesses only consider what is legal and profitable in deciding what are acceptable actions and practices

76% believe businesses cause or worsen societal issues

Some of these and other issues will be debated at our conference this week – click here to see the conference agenda and speaker profiles