Purpose Share Fair

By 29/05/2015Events
Purpose Share Fair
Blueprint in association with Grant Thornton are hosting a Purpose Share Fair.
At this one-day event passionate and experienced speakers will share stories on purpose-led business.

It’s designed for those working at the ‘coal-face’ of the purpose-led business movement – especially business leaders, coaches and consultants – to listen to each other and learn from each others’ successes and mistakes.

The day is a supportive, open environment with conversations under Chatham House Rule. Speakers will give TED-style talks to give case studies, practical examples, share stories, and provide ideas. You’ll be able to connect with like minds, and gather ideas.

Speakers from Vodafone, Centrica, Barrett Values Centre, Relume, Grant Thornton, Thornton’s Budgens, BAM Nutall, and The House.

Time / Date / Location
Wednesday 3rd June
9:30am – 2pm
Finsbury Square
There is no cost for this event

RSVP to ellie.bowden@blueprintforbusiness.org

A Blueprint for Better Business is a movement that aims to reconnect business and society for the long-term benefit of both. We encourage businesses to operate to a purpose that serves society, and respects the dignity of people, and to nourish the character and behaviours needed to deliver that purpose.

We have created a network of coaches and consultants who have an affinity with Blueprint to equip them to use it in their work. We believe this will create greater awareness of Blueprint and help build momentum to the movement. The Purpose Share Fair is a coaches and consultants’ network event.