Helping businesses be guided and inspired by a purpose that benefits society

We challenge core assumptions about the purpose of business and what motivates people and help businesses see that they can operate in a way that benefits both business and society. The impacts we are seeking are:

Mindset Change

Business leaders believe that profit is not the purpose of business but the outcome of a well run business living out a purpose that serves society

Behavioural Change

People in business act beyond self interest, demonstrate respect for people and build relationships that benefit business and society

Business as a force for good

Business is acting to deliver clear benefits to society as well as delivering long term sustainable performance

The Principles

The ‘Five Principles of a Purpose Driven Business’ is a picture of what a company that is guided and inspired by a purpose that serves society might look like. It sets out where an organisation seeks to get to rather than where it is, and not intended to be exhaustive.

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The Framework

The ‘Framework to Guide Decision Making’ outlines the behaviours needed to sustain purpose. It also provides the link to the underlying provenance of  Blueprint, which is one of its distinguishing features. The provenance is derived from a strong foundation of learning from society, including social and behavioural sciences, faith and philosophy.

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