Uniting Corporate Purpose and Personal Values to Serve Society

We encourage businesses to define and operate to a purpose that serves society and respects the dignity of people, and to nourish a culture through which behaviours needed to deliver that purpose can flourish.

At the core of the Blueprint are Five Principles of a Purpose Driven Business and A Framework to Guide Decision Making.  These together provide a route map to behavioural change.

These tools are attuned to real business needs.  They are drawn from strong foundations of learning from society including philosophy, faith teachings and social and behavioural sciences. They put the human person at the centre of business and society, naturally connecting business behaviours and the needs of society.

The Principles

The ‘Five Principles of a Purpose Driven Business’ act as a call to action with practical commitments and outcomes. They summarise the actions and behaviours that an organization commits to. They are not an assertion of where an organization currently is but where it seeks to get to. The essence is a commitment to deliver value through explicit purpose and the quality of the human relationships nurtured internally and externally. It is both an organisational and personal challenge. There are many areas of judgement and the accompanying Framework is there to assist.

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The Framework

The ‘Framework to Guide Decision Making’ outlines the behaviours needed to sustain purpose. It also provides the link to the underlying provenance of the Blueprint, which is one of the distinguishing features of the movement. The provenance is derived from philosophy and faith teachings, supported by emerging work on economics and organizational theory and social and behavioural science.


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