At Blueprint we challenge and support businesses to realise their potential for good, so everyone can live more fulfilled lives in a more prosperous society. We do this using Blueprint Principles and Framework. Accordingly we apply these same Principles and Framework to the relationships we have with our suppliers.

Our policy is to seek to purchase goods and services in a way that minimises negative and enhance positive impacts on society and the environment, whilst meeting our business requirements. 

We recognise that many businesses aspire to improve their business practices and may not fully comply with our Blueprint Principles.  We do, however, expect our suppliers to meet the following criteria:

Business is conducted lawfully & with integrity – we expect all our suppliers to comply with applicable UK and European law and regulations.   Any conflicts of interest should be considered and declared and all dealings should be at arm’s length.

A Responsible & Responsive employer – all employees treated with dignity & fair pay provided for all:

  • Policies are adopted and adhered to that respect workers – permanent and casual. At a minimum, these should safeguard their rights under their employment contract, local, national labour and social security laws and regulations, and applicable collective agreements.
  • All workers are treated equally & with respect & dignity – no worker is subject to any physical, sexual, psychological, verbal harassment, abuse or other form of intimidation. There is no discrimination in employment, including hiring, compensation, advancement, discipline, termination or retirement. Discrimination based on caste, national origin, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, health, disability or pregnancy is prevented and attention is paid to the rights of workers most vulnerable to discrimination.
  • All workers are paid fair wages – workers are provided with a total compensation package to include wages, overtime pay, benefits and paid leave. The package meets or exceeds the legal minimum standards or appropriate prevailing industry standards, whichever is higher. Compensation terms established by legally binding collective bargaining agreements are implemented and adhered to.
  • Working hours for all workers are reasonable – workers are not required to work more than the regular and overtime hours allowed by the law of the country where the workers are employed. All overtime work by workers is on a voluntary basis.
  • The rights of workers to freedom of association and collective bargaining are recognised and respected. Workers are not intimidated or harassed in the exercise of their right to join or refrain from joining any organisation. All workers are free to exercise their right to form &/or join trade unions or to refrain from doing so & to bargain collectively
  • Workers’ health & safety are protected at work – a healthy and safe workplace is provided to prevent accidents and injury arising out of, linked with, or occurring in the course of work or as a result of the employer’s operations.
  • Workers have access to fair procedures & remedies – they are provided with transparent, fair and confidential procedures that result in swift, unbiased and fair resolution of difficulties which may arise as part of their working relationship.

Guardian for future Generations – Business is conducted in a manner which embraces sustainability & reduces environmental impact:  operations, sourcing, manufacture, distribution of products and the supply of services are conducted with the aim to protect and preserve the environment.

Makes a full and fair contribution to society – business and operations are not structured in a way that aggressively avoids taxes