As you might expect from someone who was born in downtown Tehran, but brought up in seaside Devon, Kami’s life has been one of contrasts. Although his formal qualifications are in business and finance, he credits his family, his faith and the arts as his real educators. Today Kami wanders the corridors and boardrooms of some of the world’s biggest companies in the world helping teams and individuals by asking them why they are really doing what they are doing. Although the initial, easy answer may be “to make profit”, there is usually a more meaningful, harder-to-find answer about how their firms could help society. Kami might use insight from Kafka, wisdom from Aristotle or a story about his kids to get people think about the bigger questions of life. In his experience, whether you are running a global bank, a scientist working on a new cure or an entrepreneur with a new product, people all seek a sense of purpose beyond making just money.