Blueprint is not a faith led initiative but it is faith enabled.  Much of the thinking (the provenance) which underpins the Blueprint Framework and Principles is drawn from faith teachings, in particular Catholic Social Thought.

One concept that resonates in particular with business people of faith is that of a “divided life“ – leaving the best of the personal values and morals formed outside the workplace at the door when at work. One of the objectives of the Blueprint initiative is to enable people to take their personal values to work with them….Uniting Corporate Purpose and Personal Values to Serve Society.

We believe the values in our Framework are common across many faiths. We formed our Interfaith group to test this and found support for them within their scriptures and texts.

The group meets 2-3 times a year to discuss the application of faith values to business. We also hold meetings to include prominent business people drawn from different faiths,  to discuss the application of the Blueprint to business in practice.

The Provenance

The Blueprint tools are drawn from strong foundations of learning from society including philosophy, faith teachings and social and behavioural science…. Read more

Faith in Business

In developing the Blueprint we explored the extent to which faith teachings could contribute to a ‘better’ outcome… Read more

Mapping to faith texts

The group looked at the Blueprint Framework to see if they were able to map teachings or texts from their faith to the principles in the Framework.  The following mappings have been provided to date:

Jewish Commentary

Buddhist Commentary

to find out more about our Interfaith group work, please contact
Kate Fowler