We try not to duplicate work that others are already doing, and where possible try to collaborate with organisations and individuals with whom we share common goals. For example we have contributed to the work of the Purposeful Company and The British Academy Future of the Corporation project.


Whilst we believe it is possible to be a successful purpose led business within current laws and capital markets, policymakers have a role to play in helping to create an environment where purpose-led business can thrive.

In April 2018 we prepared a pamphlet for a conference of OECD outlining why purpose led businesses are key to building more inclusive and sustainable societies and what policy makers can do to help.

For more information – you can download our booklet: How can purpose-led businesses contribute to inclusive growth and how can policymakers help them?

Mission- Led Business Review

Blueprint formed part of the Advisory panel for this government backed review of mission led business in the UK.

Read the Final Review

‘On a Mission in the UK Economy’

See Blueprint's Submission

Call for Evidence: Blueprint Response

We have also been invited to be part of an external panel for a study by the government Inclusive Economy Unit into the take up of SDG’s by business in the UK.


Thematic Workshops

We regularly host roundtables and other forums to facilitate thoughtful conversations between businesses, NGOs and other relevant bodies to provoke and stimulate a different way of thinking. Previous discusions have included:

  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Executive pay
  • The future of work in the age of automation

To find out more about our work with business, please contact
Soulla Kyriacou