We are creating a network of coaches and consultants who have an affinity with Blueprint to equip them to use it in their work, where it would be beneficial to their clients. We believe this will create greater awareness and testing of Blueprint and help build momentum.

How the network works

The network is an informal group – there is no formal structure or membership fee. There is no cost to being a member. Use of the Blueprint is free but is subject to the following.

Members of the network are invited to attend a two-day residential immersion workshop, currently in either Oxford or Cambridge, to help them fully understand Blueprint and how to use it in practice. There will be a small charge to attend this workshop – this is just to cover third party costs such as accommodation and meals.

We arrange regular meetings and online discussion forums to enable members of the network to share and discuss their experiences of working with Blueprint.

People are welcome to engage at any level they wish and we have set up this network to support people at all degrees of involvement.

 The Purpose of the network

  • To help grow the Blueprint movement via the coaches and consultants using Blueprint in their work with their clients and to guide their own businesses
  • To give companies who wish to use coaches and consultants to help implement Blueprint, access to a group of coaches and consultants who already understand Blueprint. We will make available a list of coaches and consultants who have been on our immersion workshops, although we will not accredit or endorse any individual or organization on that list.
  • To help companies working with Blueprint and who have their own preferred coaches and consultants by seeking to involve those coaches and consultants in the network
  • To create a tribe of like-minded people who can listen to and learn from each other – in essence a community of learning and sharing

Use of the Blueprint is free – in return we ask:

  • That coaches and consultants implement Blueprint in their own organisations so that they can contribute their own learning experiences
  • They only use Blueprint with clients once they have been on an immersion workshop so that they fully understand it and how it should be used
  • That they implement Blueprint fully with their clients based on the learnings from the workshop
  • That they openly share experiences to help inform the group and help grow the movement.

In order to maintain our independence and reputation as being independent, we will not accredit or endorse any coach or consultant and we ask that they do not hold themselves out to be accredited by us.

Join the Network

Our network is inclusive and is open to any coaches and consultants who are inquisitive about the positive role business can play in society and have an affinity with the Blueprint thinking around the purpose of business and have experience working in a reflective (rather than simply skill building) mode at board level.

 To find out more about our Coaches & Consultants Network, please contact
Soulla Kyriacou