Mission-led business review: response

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Blueprint for Better Business has submitted its response to the Cabinet Offices mission-led business review: call for evidence.

The Cabinet initiated the review because; “The traditional roles of civil society and business are changing for the better. The social sector is becoming more business-like and businesses are keen to demonstrate their social impact.”

Blueprint drew on its experience of working to support and challenge businesses to be clear about what their purpose is, respect the dignity of people, and serve the common good.

You can view our response here.

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Companies losing their moral compass, executive pay, and unhappy employees

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Charles Wookey was interviewed by Share Radio’s Nick Peters. Charles and Nick discussed what business success really means and whether businesses lost their moral compass.

Nick then discussed with Ben Chu, the Independent, about executive pay levels.

Share radio aims to provide the right kind of information to help listeners make informed financial decisions.

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