Learning from the present to help guide the future

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Loughlin Hickey, Trustee, A Blueprint for Better Business

Re-posted with permission from LinkedIn

There are many stories of how businesses are reacting to the current human crisis and its attendant economic consequences. The heartening stories are those where business have managed to put people at the heart of their survival and renewal thinking. Some of those businesses went into the crisis with a clarity around their purpose and beliefs and this has helped them navigate a course in these stormy waters; others have uncovered a sense of purpose that was latent but not explicit.

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LinkedIn: Being “Purpose-led” is not about avoiding tough decisions

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Charles Wookey, CEO, A Blueprint for Better Business

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Being purpose-led is not about avoiding tough decisions. It is about accepting and naming the difficulties and the struggle, bringing people into a decision making process, even if it is one that involves loss and sacrifice, and especially when there is acute uncertainty.

This article explores how being purpose-led can help businesses navigate the acute challenges they face now. And why it should not be misunderstood as just being ‘nice’. I hope you find it helpful and welcome your thoughts.

LinkedIn: Putting purpose into practice: 5 “don’ts” and 3 “dos”

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Charles Wookey, CEO, A Blueprint for Better Business

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When Blueprint started its work with major companies on purpose in 2014, the first question from many business leaders was why: “Why we should spend time on purpose? What is the business case?”

Now, six years on, the first question is usually how: “We get that purpose matters. How do you do this really well, and how do you assess progress?”

We are learning a lot from the companies we are working with, and a range of thoughtful fellow travellers working in different ways with companies large and small.

Based on our experience this article outlines five don’ts and three dos:

What does a ‘good’ purpose statement look like?

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Amelia Watts, Communications Manager, A Blueprint for Better Business

Last year Unilever CEO Alan Jope, said to an audience at Cannes Lions: “Woke-washing is beginning to infect our industry. It’s putting in peril the very thing which offers us the opportunity to help tackle many of the world’s issues.” He added: “Purpose-led brand communications is not just a matter of ‘make them cry, make them buy’. It’s about action in the world.”

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Purpose and culture

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Soulla Kyriacou is COO of A Blueprint for Better Business

Purpose is having a moment. From Larry Fink’s letter to CEOs back in 2018 to the changes in the UK  Corporate Governance Code, and more recently the statement on purpose from the US Business Roundtable. There is now a growing expectation that every business should be clear about its purpose.

Investors can play a significant role in advancing the purpose movement through their investment decisions and active ownership as well as through themselves being purpose-led businesses.

Writing for the Investment Association, Soulla explores the link between purpose and culture.

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Purpose-led Business: How does HR drive the agenda?

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Dee Corrigan, Head of Corporate Engagement, A Blueprint for Better Business

On 10th September 2019, Dee spoke at the CRF event, Responsible Business: How does HR Drive the Agenda? She explores the power of purpose and the importance of understanding how the way we view other people shapes our workplaces. You can find her presentation here: CRF Presentation – Dee Corrigan – Blueprint

Speakers included Nick Dalton, Unilever, Dee Corrigan, Blueprint for Better Business, David Grayson, Cranfield School of Management, and our own Carmen von Rohr. These post meeting notes provide by the CRF summarise the key messages from the day: Responsible Business: How can HR Drive the Agenda?