Mission-led business: call for evidence

By 10/05/2016Update

The Cabinet Office has issued a call for evidence on how to support mission-led businesses over the next decade. The call for evidence also welcomes views on why businesses might choose to become mission-led, how these businesses will grow over time, the challenges they might face and how to address them.

Blueprint’s Trustee, Loughlin Hickey has joined the expert panel with:

  • Nigel Wilson (CEO, Legal & General Group plc)
  • Natalie Campbell (Founding Partner, A Very Good Company)
  • Luke Johnson (Founder and Chairman, Centre for Entrepreneurs)
  • Andrew Goodman (Partner, McKinsey & Company)
  • Marcello Palazzi (Founder, Progressio Foundation)
  • Antony Ross (Partner, Bridges Ventures)
  • Annika Small (Co-founder, Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology)
  • Frank Welvaert (Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust)
  • Monique Villa (CEO, Thomson Reuters Foundation)

What is a mission-led business?

The review focuses on any business that fits the following description:

  • can fully distribute its profits
  • identifies an intention to have a positive social impact as a central purpose of its business
  • makes a long-term or binding commitment to deliver on that intention through its business and operations
  • reports on its social impact to its stakeholders


This study will examine a particular part of the social economy, being mission led businesses. It will meet the following aims:

  • Gather data on mission-led businesses: How big is this part of the economy? What are the barriers to growth?
  • Set out a vision: What is the potential role of these businesses in a healthy UK economy?
  • Develop recommendations: What can industry and if necessary government do to better support this sector? Any recommendations to government should be limited to issues that fall to the Westminster Parliament.

Respond to the call for evidence