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The deadline for the competition is Monday 15th February. Please send all entries to kate.fowler@blueprintforbusiness.org

A Blueprint for Better Business is holding a competition open to all students and recent graduates. We will select three entrants to attend our conference, ‘Blueprint in Action’, on 17 March 2016 and the entrants will be invited to write a blog on their experience at the conference for our website.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain an insight into some of the biggest issues in business today, and what is being done to address them, as well as offering the chance to meet and network with business leaders.

The conference will focus on practical examples of companies operating true to a purpose that serves society. It will also look at the latest thinking around why people are motivated to make a difference, and its appeal to both individuals and business.

How to enter:

We are asking for a short piece, up to 1000 words, to be submitted in Word or PDF format. The piece should discuss the following question: What challenges will business and society face in the next 10-15 years, and why are organisations like Blueprint needed?’ We are looking for an understanding of the way business can serve society, and of the role organisations such as Blueprint can play in helping them to achieve this.

We are hoping successful entrants will help us engage a wider audience through our use of social media on the day of the conference, and so are looking for people active on social media.

Please send all entries to kate.fowler@blueprintforbusiness.org by noon on Monday 15th February. Include your name, age, current occupation and twitter handle. Entrants will be notified whether they have been successful or not by the end of February.

Who we are:

Blueprint is a charity which exists to challenge and support businesses to live out a purpose that serves society. We believe that people in society will have better outcomes and good businesses will be more sustainable if they operate to such a purpose.

We draw on the wisdom of society, including the learnings of social science, philosophy and faith traditions, to help make accessible to businesses both a more realistic view of people and what motivates them beyond self-interest,  and a practical alternative to the narrow view that the purpose of business is to maximise profit.

Our strategy is to persuade and help a critical mass of major businesses in the UK to use the Blueprint Principles and Framework, and to accelerate change through embedding the required behaviours. We ask these businesses to both help each other and encourage other businesses to use the principles and framework.

We aim to help change the conversation about the role and expectations of business in society. This will make it easier for the leading companies to be more vocal and courageous about the positive contribution they seek to make and it will enable best practices to be spread more quickly. It will also make it harder for the laggards to ignore the calls from society for a clearer and more positive role for business in society.

What we do:

We support businesses in embedding the Blueprint through workshops, conferences and discussion forums. The Blueprint movement is a rich network of people and organisations that learn from each other with the Blueprint at the centre and includes NGOs, investors, consultants, coaches, think tanks, and academics as well as business.

To have the greatest impact with our limited resources we have decided to focus initially on working with large corporates. We have been doing this primarily through accessing these large corporates at senior levels – through their CEOs/Chairs – and encouraging them to make more introductions through forums hosted by them. We then offer interventions at different levels in the organization including immersion workshops, purpose roundtables and interventions for their Board or management teams – these differ by company depending on their needs and where they are on the journey.

You can find more information on our website: http://www.blueprintforbusiness.org/

Our Conference – ‘Blueprint in Action’:

Our conference will be held on 17 March 2016 in London and will focus on practical examples of companies operating true to a purpose that serves society. It will also look at the latest thinking around why people are motivated to make a difference, and its appeal to both individuals and business.

Speakers and panellists confirmed to date include Sacha Romanovitch, (CEO, Grant Thornton UK), Paul Drechsler (President of the CBI), Gillian Tett (Financial Times), Paul Moore (Easyjet) and Matthew Taylor (Royal Society of Arts.) The programme includes interactive sessions to give delegates the opportunity to explore the issues discussed in greater depth.

Attendees will include range of participants drawn from business and wider society and we hope to widen the conversation to include millennials, as the younger generation will be so important in shaping the future of business.

More information about our previous conferences can be found here: http://www.blueprintforbusiness.org/conferences/